Friday, December 18, 2015

Changing Skies

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Are you a sky-gazer? I am.

Gazing at the sky (particularly at dawn and dusk), taking in all the changing hues and morphing forms each and every minute is something one really needs to seep in when staying amid skies! One definitely can not miss it! 
The vast expanse of sky often reminds me of the limitless possibilities...yes, limitless!

Some sky pictures from my balcony:






Isn't that white streak just beautiful!!!

Look at that tiny twinkling star!!!

Sharing a poem by Erin Hanson (just LOVE her poems!):

I dreamed I stood in silence
Beneath a shattered golden sky,
While the stars rained down like tears
Blinked from a universal eye.
And in my fist I held
All that I'd ever truly owned,
Yet my fingers closed on air,
Clutching only my skin and bone.
But something in that gesture
Hinted at more than I could see,
That like my skin the air
Was just as much a part of me.
And I'd found that I owned nothing
For I already had it all,
I was the gold that streaked the sky
And every star still yet to fall.
It was this that I held onto
When I finally awoke,
To find a sky the brightest blue
That showed no sign that it ever broke.

~ e h

Finally one of my paintings:
Acrylics, 9x12 inches, 2012

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Friday, December 11, 2015

Queries, Queries and More Queries...

How do you see art? What's your perspective? How does art affect one's life or the life of others? How is the future going to be for our children? Recently Connie Solera, a beautiful soul-artist - as I would like to call her, wrote something about it which I could really connect to. O for that matter, I connect with everything she says...I feel we are on the same 'wavelength' as they say it...only she expresses things amazingly well!

We artists create...when we create do we always think of others?! Do we think of how it's going to be perceived or affect the world? Will it really change the perception of people? There has of course been such striking works of the Masters that has left an indelible mark on the world (That happens rarely!!!)! But we - the layman artists - can we change the world perception? With all that is happening around, is it our task or is it simply a calling or do we seriously need to engage in it? All these questions keep popping up now and then as the situation gets worse and is moving towards worst in most cases!

The only answer perhaps is that art heals at least some souls...souls that would want to get healed! They do engage in art and create art to heal oneself and others. They form their tribe to nourish and sustain a greater calling. How beautiful, is it not! Cynics may call it escapism but is it, really? That's again Perception! If there is any inner peace that one may experience through art...and if it is felt by as many souls as possible...would there be any chance of lesser violence and pain thereby!? Touching lives through whatever one does...

Today, I am leaving you with queries to ponder on... (I know almost all of us query ourselves at some point or the other...)


Inner Peace

Let all the venom be removed without any trace and there be healing!

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