Friday, January 17, 2014

Back to Base and Shortlisted!

Namaste My Dear Friends!
I guess one needs a boost once in a while to get back to the track of one's life's goals...
Which is exactly what has happened to me at this moment...

I was out for a while as I was preparing for an exam which got over by the end of the Dec. I was totally on it for the past 4 months and I am rejuvenate I lovingly messed up my hands with my paints...So I am back on track...a Huge nudge was BlogAdda's shortlisting of the blogs for their prestigious Awards...when I found a mail from them in my inbox day before yester' and I was all thrilled. Now that DID BOOST ME UP and I am back to my blog base.

I need the support of everyone here which happens to be a small request to you guys...

Thanks Guys
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A New Year with lot of new hopes and aspirations! I definitely want it to be different from what it was last year...artistically not a very good one for me coz of our moving and taking time to settle. BUT I was on Cloud Nine when Hues n Shades was chosen by IndiBlogger for their revered Award. This year my focus needs more on developing my Art.

As a first step towards something simple with a touch of folk art which was basically my intention...need to work more on it. Let me see how this turns out. Please do give me your honest opinions dear friends...

With watercolour and pens

Lots more coming up...stay tuned. My Blog Anniversary is approaching and I have a few things scheduled for my friends here...

I would share my Most Memorable moment in December and perhaps of 2014: When we had our English Dept. Alumni Association, Togetherness, as part of 125th Anniversary of our prestigious Govt. Victoria College... The BEST thing I got to meet and hear my Favourite Prof. - Vijay Nair(Blue shirt - Seated- right end)!!!! He was the inspiration behind my writing the exam... for which I became a student after a long span of 14yrs!!!!!!

With that,
Be back soon :)

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Glad to be back and taking part in PPF!

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