Friday, April 28, 2017

Sketching people

I have been in the practise of doing art almost daily until and unless I am travelling. I like to paint more than I sketch but in the last couple of days I am sketching more because I have been travelling and all my supplies aren't easy enough to carry. And know what I am enjoying this process too!

People are one of the most interesting to observe. Sometimes our own detached selves! It is interesting not only to note the expressions and mannerisms but also the fact that what we perceive would be different from what they really are. Every person would have parallel stories taking place in their lives. Not all stories would be known to the people knitted in their lives; each story known perhaps to a certain number of the close ones alone. It’s amazing when you think how many stories are going on right at this moment in this whole world. Truth is stranger than fiction!

Except for the first and the last the rest are from life. The first one is a reproduction of Jenny Halstead which is the picture on my Derwent charcoal box. The last one is an image I came across in google. The rest from pictures I shot. I had bought a moleskine some 2 years back and wasn't brave enough to use it lest it should go wrong!! Finally, it's moleskine time! Second and third are on Derwent sketch book.

These are called E26 series named after the number of our residence in Dubai.


charcoal, pen and pencils

So, what's going on at your end? What do you like to capture? What do you carry while travelling - pens, pencils, paints?