Sunday, October 30, 2011

Diwali Fever at Colours Dekor N Shopo

On this occasion of Diwali, Patty's Colours Dekor in collaboration with Shopo are organizing a Giveaway....
I am joining in the fun too...
Just visit them and you will be AMAZED!
Shopo is an online store where you can find works of extremely talented artists from all over India.
You have a wide range of accessories, clothing, lifestyle products etc etc etc...
Here's my wishlist, a very long one:))))

Peacock Tray from ArtnLight 

Daisy Flower Table from Artitude

Cushions from Mish Mash Design

Vinyl Bits n Pieces from WorkshopQ

Gorgeous pieces from Anek Designs

Cushion Covers from Varnam

Silk Shibori Cushion Cover from Umoya

and finally

Kali Travel Wallet - Fluke Design Company

Just visit Shopo and you may end up wishing for everything...
I am linking up this post to Colours Dekor- Weekly Story

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Festival of Lights - Happy Diwali!

Dear Friends
Wishing You All A Very Warm, Happy, Prosperous, Peaceful and Safe Diwali and a Wonderful Year Ahead!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Busy Working in High Spirits!

After days of enjoyment and hard work I finally submitted my commission work on Friday and I felt great solace and content to see some Happy Faces:)))

I have begun my next's a small one but it does make me go yippy as well. I will be posting all the pictures soon. I am enjoying every bit as each piece really lifts my soul...

I also designed a logo for a spare parts company which is to be established next month in Dubai. So my current status : Busy working in high spirits!

Until my next visual painting, here's a little verse that sprang across from my sometime-wild-and sometime-mild imagination...  Do let me know how it is:)

Waiting For Twilight

While I sit alone and wait for twilight…

I like it the most, if you don’t mind my saying.

Dawn appeals me as well too

Coz they are the times when it is neither day nor night!

It treads a path somewhere in between…

So, where was I? Hmm, waiting for twilight…

While I sit alone and wait for twilight…

I like it the most, if you don’t mind my saying

The birds chirp and sing sweet songs,

They take you to a realm enamored by love and harmony

They fly and sway and make you want to say

“This is life, perfect!”

O yes, twilight…I wait for it all day long…

I like it the most, if you don’t mind my saying.

The thought of your loved ones coming home

Waiting to unravel all those train of thoughts

That passes by during our travels…

Coz all day long I sit alone…

While I sit alone and wait for twilight…

I like it the most…I know I have said that enough

I think I will continue our discourse sometime later

When the time is twilight…

Hope to 'meet' you soon'
Until then keep me posted:)