Thursday, October 1, 2009

I Missed Bloggyland!

Hey my dear friends
I am back!!! After a long break...
I missed being bloggy land. I missed art and the wonderful artists, poems and stories and the fabulous narrators. I am back to gobble up all that I missed :)
I had a great time visiting my parents, relatives, friends and the family. It was great fun and am still suffering from the hangover!
Hope to come up with artwork soon...
Meanwhile this is a glimpse of my vacation...

My Ispiration, my teacher from the Upper Primary; Kantha Mam, whom I went to meet in Bangalore after 15 years!!!

King Mahabali and Vamanan paying a visit to our colony on the occasion of Onam (our Harvest Festival)

My daughter Anoushka (Krishna) enjoying the Monsoon.
A railway gate....I can't find such a one here in Dubai:)

On the way to Thrissur.

Palakkad-Thrissur highway.
'Ra' Temple under construction in Antar Manasa, Bangalore. First of it's kind.
Antar Manasa, a wholly out of the world place. You could just sit there for hours and hours.

A blooming sight!


Meditation Technique
Door to the Cosmic Tower carved with Saptarishis
Cosmic Tower
Meditation Cave
(Krishna trying an 'eye' on meditation!)

Another meditation centre in Manasa. It has statues of saptarishis inside.

With childhood friends and kids.

New born pigeons

Anoushka having fun at Fun World.


Renee said...

Welcome back dear friend, it looks like you had a marvelous holiday.

Love Renee xoxo

Amritorupa Kanjilal said...

welcome back deepa!! i loved the one with the baby pigeons :) the others were v.pretty too...

Margaret Ann said...

OOOOH MY!I have tears of delight in my eyes... Your photographs are simply lovely...and your little daughter is as precious as can be. I adore the meditation and monsoon photos of her the best!What a wonderful time you must have had...Your family , friends and teacher surely love your immensely!

I am so glad you are back...Thanks for sharing these photos...I look forward to seeing your artwork also!

Julie said...

India is so!!! Welcome back Deepa! I will be looking foreard to your art again!!!

marianne said...

Hi Deepa
Welcome back!
That was sure a long holiday!
Lovely pictures and your daughter is so pretty and cute!
Glad you enjoyed your trip.
MUst be hard getting used to life in Dubai again........
Take care and see you!

Bella Sinclair said...

Deepa, Deepa, Deepa!!! Welcome back. Oh, such fantastic photos. Your daughter -- she is an adorable gem. I love her smile! Such beautiful scenery and fascinating architecture in your homeland. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

yoon see said...

Welcome back my dearest friend Deepa:)
You were away for good.
So much meaningful works, visitation, travelling have been done.
Now, you are back and showing us more wonderful priceless sharing.
Love the way you shared your recent stories and the pictures of your daughther growing and playing creatively with sunshine have brighten my days.
Please tell beautiful bright Anoushka that she is so cute, smart and pretty.
I look forward to your come back, you must be busy creating again! He...he..

Deepa Gopal said...

I am so overwhelmed by your WELCOME!!! I am so glad to be back and I really mean it!!

Thanks my dear friends for ur encouragement and all the love that you shower on me :)
I am ecstatic!

soulbrush said...

yahooo you're back. so very glad, that was such a long time. hope you will adjust to life in dubai again, hard to return once more to a place that is not your home. xx

Aniket Thakkar said...

Sorry! Took a while to welcome you back. Been keeping busy behind your back. Planning a trip to Bangalore myself. Have loadsa friends there. I shifted to Bombay last month. Liking it here a lot. :)

The pics are lovely, though meditation and I are definitely not made for each other. :D