Saturday, February 22, 2014

Giveaway 4 and Small Talk

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Thank you for the lovely response to the giveaways dear friends. Welcome to Hues n Shades my dear new followers. Hope you enjoy your stay here :) Thanks for boosting my morale each and everyone especially my loyal followers who have always been by my side...My journey is incomplete without you all and without your wonderful comments and feedback.

On this cherishing note, Let's get to the Giveaway part:


Art Print is 6x4 inches
The paper quilling is book is by Zainab and has some Gorgeous designs. 

To enter the giveaway:
1. Need to be my blog follower. (Come on guys, it would be unfair for my followers if not!!! ;) )
2. Hop over to my FB page - Hues n Shades - and Like it.
3. You can even bring your friends over/invite them to like my blog/page and leave the names of your friends to earn extra credits.
4. Blog/post about the Giveaway and remember to leave the link to the post.
5. Finally leave a comment mentioning all or any of these :)
Follow these steps and you earn extra credits for each thus brightening your chance to win the art print :D
And now for the winner of Giveaway 3....drumroll:

Disha Mishra Dubey!!!

Congratulations Disha :D

On a personal note:

I have started my two-wheeler driving lessons - to make an 8 is supposed to gain you a license and it's not as easy as it appears! (For me!) My instructor anyways isn't much bothered, she just hands me a scooter and signs "Off you go"..."do whatever"!I do dream of a day when I don't have to depend on anyone else to reach somewhere!!! 

Today as I was having breakfast our neighbour, Aunty P dropped by to hand over the keys of her place as she was on her way to Bangalore for a few days. 
I need to mention that since last month a stray puppy and a few kitties have occupied/found shelter in "our place" which includes Aunty P, my home and Aunty A's which forms almost a sort of triangle. They keep moving and shifting from one place to another demanding things, playing, whiling away their time and so on. The best of it is when the puppy starts his game with the kitties. She is so affectionate and friendly with them that she can not stay away from them for long but each time she frantically 'plays' with the kitties one of bold ones just slaps her across the face. The puppy just whines and after you can see her after them without any grudge!
Now when Aunty P left, you had to look at the kitties...they just stood there with their "we-are-so-lost" look! I ran in, clicked a few pics and as soon as they saw me they headed towards me and started their "not-so-modest" plea.

The puppy will be featured some other time as she wasn't there when I was clicking these cuties :)

A friend of mine wanted to learn acrylic painting and I have started teaching her this week. It's really nice to share what one knows...and then it also helps us buy "our provisions" :)

Linking it to Paint Party Friday

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Indrani said...

Good one for giveaway.

soulbrush said...

Hi Deepa, thanks so much for visiting my blog. I am not blogging too much at all anymore, lovely seeing you here though. Your daughter is so beautiful.

Netty said...

Good to see you Deepa, your daughter is beautiful. Have a great week.
Happy PPF, Annette x

Khushboo said...

The cat looks really cute! :)

I have liked your page on facebook, have invited Gulsha Motihar, Sonia Motihar and Nithya Nair to like your page, followed you via GFC and subscribed to your blog through email. (

Thanks for the lovely giveaway :)

Lynn Cohen said...

Sweet to see your beautiful daughter , and the cats are cute as well! HPPF!

bellefrogworks said...

Your daughter is so pretty - and how cute those cats are. The winner will be overjoyed to receive your art piece.

Disha Mishra Dubey said...

Thanks Deepa for such awesome giveaways. I am truly loving the art prints you are giving away. just blogged about what I won and about 4th giveaway too. See here:

Unknown said...


This is such an awesome giveaway you are hosting. I have started following your blog and have liked your facebook page as well.

Please visit my blog at

Ayanangshu Sarkar said...

Thanks Deepa for your inspiring comments in Artist of India. I fully agree with you ..Yes the "urge" is the main driving force. And once you gather the courage to move out of your comfort zone, for me moving from landscape to figurative and take the challenge.. irrespective of the outcome, satisfaction is guaranteed.So for me its a win win situation.

Annabelle said...

Love your art.
Lovely pictures of your daughter and those kitty cats are just adorable!
Thanks for sharing.

Annabelle : )

japan admirer said...

lovely blog and great way of self expression through art. keep sharing and the giveaways are fabulous.

japan admirer said...

lovely blog and great way of self expression through art. keep blogging and the giveaways are fabulous.

The Mukhtiars said...

Nice One

doctoring in arts said...

I just came across your blog.. Your works are really creative especially the traditional art..