Sunday, May 24, 2009

Marvellous Gifts From Around The World

This post is in return for the atcs I received from Soul, Teri, Lynn & Cris. Thanks a lot, Soul, for the cards on which I've tried to contain my art. It was Soul who introduced me to this new form of art. ATC means Artist's Trading Cards. They can only be swapped..cannot be sold. They are a perfect gift from one artist to the other coz of its size. The dimension should be 2.5"*3.5". To know more about Atcs you can click here. I came across this site from Teri's post on atcs.

I received Some Gorgeous atcs from these wonderful Blogger friends and I would like to share my Ultimate joy with you. I was so overwhelmed that I sat holding them for sometime looking at it...dumbfounded. The envelopes itself were so very pretty:)

This Fabric atc is from Lynn. Its gorgeous and the feel of the fabric is just amazing. She also sent me a photo card. Lynn has her photo cards for sale in her blog. She has some extraordinary pictures to her credit. She's a wonderful quilt-maker too.Feel free to visit her blog to get a glimpse of her expertise.

This wonderful daisies came from Teri who is an ardent admirer of daisies. She also sent me a moo card..the tiny one with the picture of a log. There was even a pink daisy on the envelope.

Marianne sent me this wonderful and exquisite mandala. The tiny framed one is a 'Treasure'. As soon as my daughter saw that she grabbed it and said "I want it!! And I am ne'er going to give it back" with a naughty smile. This came to me for taking part in 'Pay It Forward', a game even I had posted in my blog which none took part :( else they would've got something from me too.

This is to show the wonderful stamps that came my way...thanks to my lovely blogger friends. I used to engage in philately when I was in school and college. Even now I collect it whenever I come across some nice stamps.

These are the ones that reached me from different parts of the world...

I am yet to receive atcs from Cris I am all excited.
And now Soul, Teri, Lynn and can choose from my first collection of atcs ever.
I'll post that tomorrow as I need time to describe my each atc. So until then its bye from me.
See you tomorrow:)


soulbrush said...

can't wait to see and to chooose!! yipppeee.

Teri said...

And now you have experienced the joy of receiving ATCs. Isn't it wonderful! I love all mine to pieces! I will come back tomorrow.

yoon see said...

They are all beautiful!
You are lucky because you got a kind heart and you are very friendly. All friends love you:)

Deepa Gopal said...

Thanks for the great comments friends!

Thats a wonderful compliment Yoon C!

marianne said...

Ahh what treasures you got in the mail there!
It is such fun to get this kind of mail instead of spam and bills!
Everything looks so colorful together!