Thursday, January 14, 2010

Flowers and Fabric

Different ways to paint on fabric...

Bouquet of Roses painted with pearl paint and acrylic.

With cut lady's finger dipped in paint. Just like painting with small blocks.
Remember the ones with cut beans I had posted here

Using small round brush with just a single stroke.

Using dots to emphasize.

By dipping on two colours and using it in a single stroke.

Painting with lines.

Using three colours.

Using flat brush to shade

Using stencil

With shapes

Separation of colours

Using coir pieces to shade the inside of the flowers and leaves

Hope this gives you an idea of the various ways one could paint on fabric.
Remember the fabric shouldnot be one that is to be starched.
After applying paint it has to dry atleast for 24 hours. To fix the paint onto the fabric, iron nicely on the reverse. Place a newspaper on the fabric so that the heat doesn't directly affect the fabric..which may not happen always. But thats safe for the paint.

Do try when time permits.


Anonymous said...

oh lovely.. I should try..

Eugen Caitaz said...

Wowww!!! So interestings pictures!!! I like all this flowers!!! ;)

Bella Sinclair said...

Wow! You are such an inspiration. Makes me want to run out and buy paint and fabric. So many wonderful ideas with really gorgeous results.

Glad you had a great trip. Welcome back!

Unknown said...

HI Deepa
Lots of great techniques here! Thanks, Evelyn

GlorV1 said...

Great photos of your work Deepa! I have a very hard time with flowers. I haven't taken the time to try to learn to paint them. I have to try this painting on fabric. I did though make a quilt that I still have. I cut out different shapes of fabric, painted some and then washed them and sewed them together. I'll have to post that one day soon. Thanks for the inspiration. Good to have you back. Great work!

Julie said...

i really like the look of that last one!!! looks like embroidery from afar!

Deepa Gopal said...

@ Pat, u should. It is fun! Even I should get bac to it. Its long since I've done something on fabric.

@ Jenea,Welcome bac. Thanks:)

@ Bella, OMG!Coming frm u...thts a gr8 gr8 compliment:) I am glad my post made u feel tht.

@ Ev, indeed there's lots of nice stuff in it. You should try sometime.

@ Gloria...thanks dear! Waiting to see you try it and also for the display of your wonderful quilt.
Now, I've ne'er tried tht.

@ Thanks dear Julie:) Infact some of the works does give that effect frm afar.

FitFoodieMegha said...

Superb! I just love painting..Its my passion and you have done with different styles.. Well done!

vrinda said...

hiiii checheeee, thanks for your is nice to hear from u that u r following my blog

Anonymous said...

just 2 words
bloody brilliant :)
awesome paintings deepa :)

Unknown said...

Lovely! n so many styles!!! :)

Haresh said...

There are so many creative ways! :)

Creativity rocks :D

magiceye said...

very pretty

Renee said...

Deepa these are just lovely.

yoon see said...

Hello Deepa! Wow! These are truly beautiful and unique.
You must have super duper fun time doing this!
Happy Cactus Monday!

Mohan said...

Great designs.. will certainly try these. Thanks for sharing all these. First time here... will be more frequent going forward :)

Deepa Jagarlapoodi said...

Yup, was busy for quite a ur back from marraige long back i was ur trip to india

yoon see said...

I am thrilled Deepa seeing wonderful flowers on fabric:)
My favourites are the 3rd, 6th, 7th and 8th creations!

yoon see said...

Great ideas and thank you for your handful tips yeah deepa:)
You must have lots of fun!

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