Sunday, January 18, 2015

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"Lonely, lovely songs
That nature sings rise from depths
Her bosom holds holy."

Madhubani  in A5 sketch book (Winsor & Newton)

This is the 26th Haiku from my Haiku collection  (posted only two or three here ). I started it way back in 2009 with Aniket and Amritorupa's inspiration when we used to post Haiku's at intervals. It's been a long time since I posted anything poetic, though I keep jotting down some from time to time. I love to do that as a way of unwinding, relaxing!!! It is extremely essential for me!!! 

Also this week I am thinking of taking part in Illustration Friday as well since it has been a long time having dropped there too! I am completely occupied with my projects one after the other and above all the internet connection is a mess since the last two months!!! Sent complaints after complaints but in vain. I have not been to make my usual visits too to my dear blogger friends...I will be hopping by soon.

This week's IF topic is TOY. I have decided to go with  Krishna's, my daughter's , favourite one - 'Rocky'... digitally modified :)


Linking it to Paint Party Friday

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rose AKA Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

Love the haiku and the digitally altered painting too. And "Madhubani" is striking ~ love it!

Bikram said...

very well written


Linda Kunsman said...

lovely haiku. Love the vibrancy of your piece. And the digitalized toy is fabulous!! Hope your internet problems are resolved very soon-that can be so frustrating.

Shreya at Jumbodium said...

Superb snap. Just loved the painting. Thank u for the share. Keep posting with lots more.

Ravish Mani said...

Beautiful haiku :)

Rajesh said...

Beautiful painting.

Indrani said...

Beautiful creations!

Saru Singhal said...

Love the haiku and both your works. I love the first one a lot. Good to see you back. Hope your internet connection gets better.

Amrita Sabat said...

Lovely lines! Also I love the modified pic of the toy! Something mystic, surreal about it! :)

froebelsternchen said...


Kitty said...

lovely haiku and art piece as well! :)

Maniparna said...

Love the haiku and the painting too :-)

Kokila gupta said...

beautiful haiku Deepa ... loved the post , the Madhubani and the digital-ised teddy :)