Sunday, March 1, 2015

Whorled Explorations

It's been a few days since I visited Kochi Muziris Biennale - Whorled Explorations and the effects of it are worth the travel. It was one enjoyable visit and it was peppered up with the companionship of a my dear friend, Nisha Jacob, who accompanied me to the various sites. It was definitely a memorable day with loads of amazing art and fine memories and extravagant feelings :)

I would like to showcase the Durbar Hall which is also a venue of Biennale. I also wanted to see the Hall as I am planning to curate a show most probably by the end of 2016. This is a declaration so that I can realize my closely-held dear dream. I am extremely thankful to Devan Sir  for being there all along with his guidance and help as when I require it :)

I have tried to name the artists and the artworks but haven't got hold of some of them. Anyway it's a real treat for the senses. Enjoyed every bit of it. There was novelty in many of the displays and the range and variety was quite fascinating. One needs at least  3 days to properly visit all the sites and get a glimpse of all the artworks. A day is no where enough! This is just a part of what I could manage to see in a day!

Most Prestigious and Famous Durbar Hall

Gulammohammed Sheikh - Gandhi and Gama
 One of my favourites !

Annie Lai Kuen Wan - Phenomenon of Times

 Daniel Boyd

Julian Charriere - We Are All Astronauts

 Hema Upadhyay - Silence and It's Reflections
Amazing minute work in rice!

Shahpour Pouyan

 When viewed from different angles, one gets different arrangements/patterns.

 Maya Hatoum - Routes AP

William (can't remember the last name) - Video Art

We then took a ferry to Fort Kochi where lies the real show!!! To travel by ferry was also a great experience personally for me coz I am not used to...Look at how beautiful Kochi is :)

On our way, we met some interesting characters :)

As we walked through the lanes of Fort Kochi, we were swarmed by the feel of the old world was as if we had been transported to another era...or so we felt! 

 We bought the ticket from this 'vintage' counter :)

Isn't this a beauty!

Aram Saroyan

 Mona Hatoum - Undercurrent

 Nataraj Sharma - Alternate Shapes for the Earth

 Madhusudhanan - Logic of  Disappearance

 Marie Velardi - Future Perfect, 21st Century

Aji V N

 Susanta Mandal

  Parvathy Nair - The Fluidity of Horizons

 Lavanya Mani - Travellers Tales-Blue Prints

A Lovely Corridor!

 Sudhir Patwardhan
Building a Home;Exploring the World

 Wave II
 Iqra Tanveer - Paradise of Paradox (One of my favourites...Lovely effect!)

 Hew Locke - Sea Power (again a favourite...all done in beads!)

 Missed the name of the artist - an amazing work!

 Xu Bing - Background Story;Endless Xishan Mountain Scenery
(Again...look closely, Fabulous one!)

My lovely travel companion - Nisha Jacob :)
Thanks for being such a great company, Nisha!

Hope you enjoyed the tour :) Thanks for being here and being with me. Please do leave your feedback, would love to know what you feel.

The tickets are priced at 100/- for adults and 50/- for kids.
The Biennale will conclude on 29/03/2015

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R Niranjan Das said...

Wonderful coverage of the biennale, Deepa. I couldn't visit Durbar Hall this time. Glad to see it through your post.