Saturday, November 21, 2015

For Peace

Peace seems to be hardest thing to find these days. People even pay thousands in search of peace in different destinations that claim to offer 'peace' in return for their services! May be some at last find it since some bucks are spent after all! Seriously speaking, each one of us is concerned at the thought of where is this headed to! Let alone peace, take any part of the world and there is so much intolerance! I just hope and wish that people learn to tolerate even if they can not love everyone, just as E.M.Foster wrote:

"I do not believe in Belief...Tolerance, good temper and sympathy-they are what matter really, and if the human race is not to collapse they must come to the front before long."

This is my humble attempt at #BloggingForPeace with #BlogAdda:


Divided By God

The shrouded silence
Penetrated the chasms
Gripping even the hairline
Spaces to ensure the enfolded grief
Lay smothered and suffocated...
The land wailed and wailed
To the lost souls
Catastrophe embedded and metamorphosed
Into many winged vultures
Marking niches and moments
Into destinations unknown
Divided by ‘God’!
The names appear and disappear…
In the mindscapes of the innocent,
The scapegoats…
From those mindful, obsessive and dominant demolishers
Who proclaim themselves to be the Lord of the ‘Worlds’!
There is neither a beginning nor an end…
There seems to be, just an eternity!

-Deepa Gopal Sunil

Sometimes there is this strong urge to create something without knowing what exactly and this illustration is the result of such an urge...need an outlet, sometimes am not satisfied and yet it somehow completes and complements. I can't say what the viewers would feel or would they be able to connect and yet I think there would be no art that completely fell in line with both the artist and the viewer. And perhaps that's why they say it is left to the interpretation of the audience. 

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Amit Agarwal said...

Great art and lovely poem!

Linda Kunsman said...

a very poignant poem and heartfelt piece of art.Thank you for sharing Deepa!

Rajesh said...

Very cool.

Joy Murray said...

We are all saddened by the world's events. Thanks for transforming that sadness into art.

DVArtist said...

Wonderful post with art and poetry.

rose AKA Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

Yes. Peace.

Tomichan Matheikal said...

Hasn't God always been a divisive force? History is full of wars fought in the name of gods of different types.

Nice poem.