Saturday, May 30, 2020

Landscape Paintings of Kerala

I am taking part in the Art Chain India movement, an initiative that intends to assist and encourage the development of the art community through peer support in this uncertain period. I do believe it's a wonderful way to support each other at this point in time, a program where sale culminates in a buy and that idea is actually good and feasible. If only we had more of such initiatives and I do pray this movement succeeds whereby we can help each other out. 

These artworks were all part of the DISTANT and PERSONAL group exhibition of September 2019 that happened in the Lalithakala Academi Gallery in Kozhikode. All these are landscapes from in and around my native land like Nemmara, Malampuzha, Alappuzha, Kawa and Nelliampathy. They are original works and not prints. Details are given below:

Titles -

1. Feel the Light

2. Songs of Blue

3. Kawa

4. Island Home

5. Malampuzha in a whimsy

6. Winter Breath

Size - 24.13x17.18 cm (unframed)
Medium - Acrylics on Linen paper
Year - 2019
Price - 4000 INR each (52 USD)+ courier/shipping charges

Please comment below or email me at if you are interested in purchasing the artworks or even prints. These works are part of #artchainindiaI am sharing some works by myself priced under INR 10000/- Every time I reach INR 50000/- I will use INR 10000/- to buy a work of another artist under the Art Chain India and support a fellow artist.