Sunday, March 25, 2012

For Mom

With love...

In the Middle East, Mother's Day is celebrated on 21 March. I created this particular card for my mom on seeing Friday Magazine's posting on what everyone is doing for their moms. I painted this card and wrote this poem for her. While I was in the process of creation I had my daughter in mind too. I was thinking of my lil one who would obviously travel through these phases 'haps with or without the same mindset. As of now, I feel she does take on me as far as the temperament is concerned.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out here & everywhere...

'Mother' was mentioned (sans poem) in the Friday magazine by Gulf News on 9 Mar. Too excited!!!!!!

I have always loved you Mom
Even when I fought inside you
To get out to this world to see the myriad hue
To be free and finally unfettered.
I have always loved you Mom
Even when I ran through the labyrinths
To escape the surrounded walls
Of my childhood inconveniences.
I have always loved you Mom
Even when I said “I hate you!”
Peers seized me in their turbulent current,
Fearing to be anchored instead.
I have always loved you Mom
Even when I fell in a tacit love
The sound of your wrenching heart resonated within
Letting away the love I may never find.
I have always loved you Mom
Even when I had to depart
Miles away, I had never felt so homesick!
I long to be close to you.
I have always loved you Mom
Even though I dared not admit it
You never failed to have faith in me
Never did I fail to trust you.
Now that I am a Mother
My daughter whispers, “I hate you Mom,
For all the things that you don’t let me do!”
I know she’ll always love me too.
by Deepa Gopal Sunil

I am linking it up to Colours Dekor's Weekly Story and Artists in Blogland. The theme for the month for the latter is Passion & I thought this would really suit it. Love for mom, love for daughter is a life's passion in a way, for me personally speaking...and to recreate it through the medium I am passionate about also speaks in itself, I hope :)

I am also linking it up to Paint Party Friday (PPF) for the very first time as I had been longing to join them for a very long time.


for the topic 'Shelter' - Illustration Friday.


AM Zafaran said...

Beautiful poem, beautiful painting! I fully agree with you, no one like 'Mother'. Oh, I miss my Amma so much!

Dee... said...

what to say...
whatever i add, it cant be a sweet one describe this incredible piece..
thanks for sharing it ji

soulbrush said...

that was mothering sunday here too. What a wonderful piece of art and tribute to your mom!

Rajesh said...


Kriti said...

This is such a wonderful gift! Happy Mother's Day to you too Deepa :)

Arti said...

That is such a sweet wonderful tribute to the most beautiful soul on this entire planet... Congratulations Deepa for the feature, the poem is a gem as well :)

Gayathri said...

It's beautiful!! :) I loved the poem..! :)

Akshay Kumar G said...

Such a beautiful post. The poem and the painting, just perfect. Mother, the most beautiful word and the most beautiful person. :):)

LeoPaw said...

Though anything material will not stand to show the amount of love for the mother, This does it best, the card and the poem combined.

Bella Sinclair said...

Oh my goodness, Deepa. Your words are so powerful and have so much emotion. It's a beautiful and touching poem. And your art! Equally as gorgeous, and how wonderful that their heads together form a little Mobius. YAY, it is published!!! Congratulations. And happy Mother's Day to you!

Saru Singhal said...

Beautiful poem and beautiful card. Congratulations on the feature :)

Purba said...

Ahh..the love-hate tussle between the Mom and her daughter :)

And congratulations for getting featured in Gulf news! It's a lovely painting.

AmitAag said...

Nice tribute, Deepa!...and of course the poem as well as painting are really beautiful!

Aparna said...

lovely painting :) well done dear :)

Kristin Dudish said...

This is a wonderful post, Deepa.
Such a beautiful tribute to your mother in words and in image :)


Unknown said...

Your painting and poem are so beautiful! Congrats on your magazine mention... that is just so exciting and rewarding!

Raji said...

Congratulations Deepa! The painting is truly convey the motherly love. Nice rendition.

magiceye said...

so beautiful....

Unknown said...

It says it all. Beautiful work!

Marcia Beckett said...

very nice and heartfelt! I am just now getting around to visiting all of the challenge participants. Good luck!

Ildiko said...

wonderful painting and poem!
painting speaks for itself!!

Seema Kozhithody said...

Beautiful gift for your mom, Deeps! Truly, you have very well emoted your deep love and concern for her through this poem! It reaches out to all those who dearly love their moms! Rest assure Krishna too will follow your suit..:) Hats off to you for the painting getting published in the Gulf News!

Kalyan said...

lovely words...nicely crafted lines!

Kalyan said...

lovely words...nicely crafted lines!

Anonymous said...

Your work is really cute....i love the expression on the mothers face :-)

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful words.. you sure deserve to be featured.. well done! well done!! :)