Sunday, June 29, 2014

Jain Temple - Palakkad

Jainism still prevails among a few families in my small town and the greatest gift would be the 15th century Jain temple situated around 3 kms from Palakkad town. The area around this temple is called Janimedu and is located near the Kalpathy river. The primary deity is Chandraprabha and the temple displays images of Thirthankaras and Yakshinis. Something that we can help but notice is that the temple is devoid of ant's quite a simple and quiet temple. It does permeate an austere air. 

 Lavender looks more of blue here... :(

The temple I have tried to portray is the Old Jain temple before renovation. The temple has a different look now which was renovated last year but the old one is more dear to my heart...never have I seen the old structure though. The rites and everything associated with the temple is taken care of by a family from Karnataka who have been settled in Palakkad for ages. The priest however is a young boy who came over to a new land to perform the prayers and rites...who was in the process of learning the local tongue and who had immediately taken affection on the local kids that he even bought them dresses after his first visit from his hometown :)

The color prompt for this week:
Lavender, Gray & pop of Plum

A closer look:
 A view of the texture base

Can you see the glass beads??? I love 'em!!!

The 'bestest' thing that I came to know while going through the info about the temple is that our great poet Kumaranasaan wrote his epic Veenapoovu (Fallen Flower) in one of the Jain houses near by.

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Here's a sneak peak at my daughter's submission...pls do drop by to have a look at what this about-to-be -11year-old is up to :D 
Click HERE to visit her art... or click on the picture...

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Anonymous said...

Really nice use of the colors!

Sharon Fritchman said...

Oh, such a beautiful way to used this week's colors! I love traveling around the world with you!

Kristin said...


TwinkleToes2day said...

Beautidul painting. The beads are lovely touch :D

Cindy McMath said...

This is very beautiful.

Bikram said...

Those are some lovely paintingssss..

i loved them


Arti said...

Beautiful temple and what a lovely execution in art Deepa, as you said, I can feel the serenity through your sketches!! :) And, what a talented creative girl there! Wish I could make one like that too - Anoushka's paperweight - it's lovely! Big hugs to her. :)

Caz said...

A beautiful picture :-)

Rajesh said...

Superbly done. Nice color combination.

DVArtist said...

This is so pretty. I love the depth and texture. Well done

Denise van Deventer said...

Beautiful stunning!