Saturday, August 4, 2018

Carpe diem!

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Some posts are more organized and some just happen and this post belongs to the latter. Not a very happy post, let me say beforehand...Sometimes when there’s so much chaos around, you enter a state of mental ramblings...and you discover things you didn’t know existed. They may not have any particular form and yet they are very much there; if I am making sense! Our world now is so preoccupied with hatred and violence of all kinds and intensity that one feels agonized and repulsive to the core. Yet each one of us, I know, Hope...for something good and better. And it does exist in quintessential pockets in this very life...nuggets of happiness. As Horace said, Carpe diem (Seize the moment)! However, I don't think Horace meant to ignore the future but rather to be more aware of the present for a better future.

Before getting to those, let me thank each and every one of you who visited, took the time to comment and left me more inspired last week. Thanks to Nadya King for leaving such a beautiful link, info and comment. I immediately had to check them and what a beautiful story of Henrietta Leavitt! There are such gems and indeed that's one such nugget of happiness (for me!). In case anyone wants to check that out, here's the LINK.

Now leaving you with some of my ramblings in images and words...because I know not any other way...
{these are quick drawings done (within 2 or 3 minutes) without much thought...}

As if everything is not enough
From things around us
Now we pile violent hatred
Heaps and heaps on
One another for no reason
It’s as if the ‘new natural’
Why? I can’t contemplate


Everything is ‘taken into account’
And ‘acted’ upon
Why? I can’t contemplate
Even a simple smile
Is twisted and twitched
To suit ‘the other’ perspective
Why? I can’t contemplate


Why can’t people be what they are?
And the rest be whatever they want to be
Accept and be!
Live and let live!
Is it so hard to just ‘be’!


We can learn a thing or two from nature
Where everything grows, exists and die
Where ‘collective consciousness’ is not hypnotised
By outward sources or any ideology
It’s just accepting and be.


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Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Nature indeed can be our calming breath, just like creativity where we can lose ourselves and put down on paper what we may not be able to say in words. The charcoal works of art are very expressive.
Creative wishes & Happy PPF Tracey.

JFM said...

Nature in any form is healing.
I enjoyed your view in your artistic homage to Mother Nature.
Thank you for sharing and Happy PPF~

DVArtist said...

These are dynamic and reaches the soul. Well done.

Arti said...

You are definitely not alone in your quest Deepa. I could almost hear the feeling of angst in your images. Deep, both the drawings and the words, the very same questions plague me many times too!

dee Nambiar said...

These lines and these images speak to those of us who seem have lost the ability to take things lightly.
Thank you for the message. :)

Abhijit Ray said...

Nicely done. Very touching.