Monday, November 16, 2020

IGNITE-from within the confines- A Thank You Note!

IGNITE-from within the confines- has wrapped up! It is of course the beginning of something new in due course.

This was one of my pet projects - I had a dream that I had envisioned for quite some time, finally found the courage to pursue, conceptualize, plan and organize... everything from scratch. That dream found light when the artists and the poets to whom I reached out were on board to be part of IGNITE-from within the confines- I received a couple of enquiries asking who my patrons are. I have none, I had no other backup other than the determined hold of my daughter, Anoushka who is also my Video Editor, and we persevered. It all feels so surreal!!


Thank you Ahlam, Anindita, Devan Sir, German, Lauren, Liz, Yamini, Ardra, Ellora, Gitanjali, Joseph, Minichechi, Namratha, Radhakka and Sonia for becoming the integral part of IGNITE-from within the confines- and entrusting me with your works. Thanks to Rubyji, our Inaugural guest.

I thank Vibhin P C (@vibhin_pc) for doing an awesome job designing the invites, poster, profile pictures, and all the thumbnails and the Finale video. Above all, the Signature Intro Clip of IGNITE that everyone recognizes now! 

I thank Anoushka Sunil (@v1ntagefilm) for the wonderful teasers, Art & Poem videos and Introduction edits. She understands my vision and concept to its essence!

I thank the media – The Hindu, Mathrubhumi, Malayala Manorama, The New Indian Express, Gulf Mathrubhumi, Khaleej Times and RJ Roshni of Club FM 104.8 for featuring IGNITE.

I thank Sonia, Namratha and Ellora for helping me spread the word on online platforms. I thank the online platforms - Women’s Web, Sharing Stories, KEEKLI an Ode to Innocence, and Meera Bharath of Letsmakestories. Bloggers Chinmayee Sahu, Meenal Sonal, our very own Ira (Ellora), Sonia and Joseph.

As they say last but not the least; I thank each one of you who followed our journey all along. Without your love, support and encouragement we would not have achieved what we did. Thanks for being there!

You can still catch up, our links are still available:

Official blog:

You can visit all the artist and poet profiles on the above mentioned blog.

Official Instagram: @ignite.fwtc.2020

Teasers and glimpses can be found on the Instagram.


All the videos - Introductions of Artists, Poets, teasers. Art & Poem segment and All art videos can be found on the channel.

8 Artists - 40 Artworks
video by Vibhin P C



Christine said...

Thanks for sharing!

DVArtist said...

Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful art on the video. I really enjoyed it. Be safe out there.

Linda Kunsman said...

And thank YOU for sharing it all so we could all enjoy the art and beauty of this project Deepa! Well done!

Dixie @ Arranged Words said...

I really enjoyed the video. Beautiful artwork.
Many thanks.

Fathima said...

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