Saturday, December 26, 2020

We're Islands - a series of watercolours from 'IGNITE-from within the confines-'

Art is a journey sometimes moving into the core, sometimes outside the line, sometimes along the periphery but unsure of where the lines actually are. Nonetheless, each one undertakes a journey of one’s own since there’s no choice; one simply can’t choose inertia. 

Art, in any form, breathes life into me; I find it quite meditative and reflective. “We’re Islands” is a series I started in March when the lockdown began. It is not necessarily a commentary on Covid19 but what I felt during the lockdown confined within the four walls in a foreign land away from the family. I have used watercolours to capture the “fluidity” of the moment; it was not a conscious, pre-meditated choice though. Choosing the medium is always intuitive. some times it does depend on what I choose as a subject. I have also used polychromos, inktense pencils, white gel pen and Pitt pen to achieve the desired effect. I apply washes and then work on layers to get the raw-rustic effect instead of the refined look. I have chosen a limited palette here, a couple of warm and cool colours as I like the mix of both; bright, eye-catchy, palpable colours in most of them to suggest a distinctive, dreamlike introspective emotional state or “mindscapes” as I call them from a strong female presence and perspective.

We're Islands-1
30x40cm, watercolour with polychromos, inktense and pitt pen

The limitless mind in general and the inner workings of the feminine in particular captivates me the most. Most of my works are autobiographical. Myths, dreams, people and their tales, the emotions and the unbridled feelings kindle my creative juices. The protagonists create parallel realms and enjoy detachment, solitude but they are rarely alone. There’s melancholic melody and are deeply reflective of their emotional states; exuding a sense of passivity but hopeful and optimistic. The interconnectivity of man and nature, the subtle rhythms that beat through the spine of the environment, the invisible thread that ties us all even when man fails to realize it, is what I like to stress. There’s duality as we are complex beings. 

We're Islands-2
15x15cm each, watercolour with polychromos, inktense and pitt pen

We're Islands-3
30x40cm, watercolour with polychromos, inktense and pitt pen

My works tend to delve deep within the self, interspersing it with what I hear and/or view from the outside world. How a situation or news hits me is what is reflected in my works. They are stories in layers. At times, there're health instances that quite disturbs my days and processes and overcoming it forms other layers as well. Isolation is nothing new to artists, we actually nurture on it, and yet I craved for home, to be with my family. I suddenly felt trapped, we became units/compartments within the home where one was for school, one for office and I squeezed in between doing art for my own self and sanity. 

We're Islands-4
15x15cm each, watercolour with polychromos, inktense and pitt pen

We're Islands-5
30x40cm. watercolour with polychromos, inktense and pitt pen

We’re Islands” is an ongoing series. It showcases this external and internal turmoil, implications, suffering, and conflict while the lamp of hope is still lambent.

My greatest inspirations are T K Padmini, Amrita Sher-Gil, Paula Rego, Kathe Kollwitz, Frida Kahlo, Lee Krasner, Hilma af Klint, Alice Neel, Paul Klee, Edward Hopper and Aleah Chapin, Lisa Brice and many more.

It is the very thought of not being in inertia, as mentioned earlier, that helped me shape this brainchild of mine - IGNITE-from within the confines-, inspired me to conceptualize and curate the exhibition at this time; one of my pet projects that I was harbouring for a long time finally found light with a group of amazing artists and poets. Though I started it on an impulse to do something worthwhile during this time of confinement, it grew profound each day until I managed a team of 16 and then we set sail. Each day since then had been a learning experience for me - visualizing, organizing, preparing, coordinating, conveying and all the elements that went with an online event. 

Find the post in IGNITE blog with the poet link and the Art & Poem segment. To read more about the exhibition, please check ABOUT and CURATOR'S NOTE.


Rain said...

Deepa, I think your series, the entire concept and the art itself is just beautiful. I can really relate to what you wrote about craving to be at home with family, yet feeling trapped suddenly. I really relate to that. xx

WendyK said...

fantastic art, love those faces.

Graysonau said...

Thanks for sharing nice art.

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DVArtist said...

You art is always so beautiful and touched with purity.

Deepa Gopal said...

Thank you Rain. I understand. So many people have said the same and I guess it’s mostly women who feel it more than the men or maybe I am wrong. Thanks for sharing it. xo

Deepa Gopal said...

Thank you Wendy

Deepa Gopal said...

Thanks a lot.

Deepa Gopal said...

Thank you so much Nicole. You feel that way means so much to me! ❤️