Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Day 11 - K (A to Z Challenge) and Day 13 - Taking to the Streets (Napowrimo)

 Day 11 AtoZ Challenge

Art and affirmative alliteration for Day 11. 


All my art works of AtoZ challenge have been done in acrylic inks and coffee wash.

Day 13 Napowrimo

Dubai 2023 will see driverless taxis on the road

Every man, woman and children can have the safest transport

Conveyed the Newspaper

While none seemed to take it in

One man got all disturbed

He voiced some unyielding statements

The newspaper set aside a space to his contentment—


The report read—


.......rest of the poem has been removed to facilitate for future submission. Thank you for visiting.

Napowrimo Prompt:

Today’s prompt comes from the Instagram account of Sundress Publications, which posts a writing prompt every day, all year long. This one is short and sweet: write a poem in the form of a news article you wish would come out tomorrow.

I came across a news in today's newspaper about driverless taxis to be launched in 2023. Taking that as a start imagined a concerned layman who fears, maybe even bordering on extremity, the increased involvement of AI and the gadgets in our daily life and how he may react to it. A funny take, my attempt.

These prompts are actually pushing the limits and expanding our arena nudging us out of our comfort zone. Thanks to Napowrimo.

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PS : This post is posted as part of BlogchatterA2Z 2021 challenge.
Poem posted as part of the 30 day poetry challenge for the month of April NaPoWriMo2021

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Smitha said...

This was fun. I liked how you said the story first and then ended with the headline. I hadn't seen it coming.
Secondly it caught my attention as you said 'Dubai.' Are you based there? That's the city I was talking about in the poem based on a song.

Deepa Gopal said...

Thank you Smitha. It's all an attempt!! Glad that you liked it.
Yes, I am in in Dubai now and I did see that in your poem but then realized that you were visiting. I was thinking of asking you about it as well.

Suchita said...

You raised some really pertinent questions via this poem. It's also one of the arguments against AI in general.

Jayashree (pagesfromjayashree) said...

We have had a lot of Scifi movies about scientific pursuits gone haywire and the machines controlling mankind......they do have an impact I suppose :)


Soji George said...

This one is different from all your other creations. Very relevant to the current situation.

Ira Mishra said...

Some very relevant questions I found in this poem Deepa. Quite a difficult prompt to attempt. Very nicely done.

Anita Sabat said...

True that there are many unanswered questions - "what if?"
As I write this on Earth Day, let's try to walk the maximum that we can walk and save fuel and support our planet's health.