Saturday, April 24, 2021

Day 21- U (A to Z Challenge) and Day 24 - Fear and Curiosity (Napowrimo)

 Day 21 AtoZ Challenge

Art and affirmative alliteration for Day 21. All my art works of AtoZ challenge have been done in acrylic inks and coffee wash.


Day 23 Napowrimo

Fear and Curiosity

On a crisp spring morning in 2008, Fear overheard a pair of Curiosities having a chat.

Fear had been tracking Curiosity for some years now when the Curiosities, nicknamed Flywing and Bigeye, nuzzled their enormous boxy heads and began to talk. of the poem has been removed to facilitate for future submission. Thank you for visiting. 

Napowrimo prompt:

Today’s (optional) prompt is a fun one. Find a factual article about an animal. A Wikipedia article or something from National Geographic would do nicely – just make sure it repeats the name of the animal a lot. Now, go back through the text and replace the name of the animal with something else – it could be something very abstract, like “sadness” or “my heart,” or something more concrete, like “the streetlight outside my window that won’t stop blinking.” You should wind up with some very funny and even touching combinations, which you can then rearrange and edit into a poem.

I took inspiration from an article at National Geographic, "Groundbreaking effort launched to decode whale language" by Craig Welch. This was a pretty interesting exercise particularly to note how the meaning and the intensity of the subject changes and varies with reference to who/what it pertains to.

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Ira Mishra said...

When it started with fear eavesdropping on curiosity... I was struck with that alone. So many layers to this one. Of course including the whales saving mission. What an interesting prompt.