Friday, April 30, 2021

Day 26 - Z (A to Z Challenge) and Day 30 - Life moves (Napowrimo)

Day 26 AtoZ Challenge

Art and affirmative alliteration for Day 26. All my art works of AtoZ challenge have been done in acrylic inks and coffee wash.
The intention is to reach out to young girls in specific and everyone in general who need to hear some positive and empowering affirmations each day. Just a humble alliterative effort. I wish we could all inspire each other everyday, place a helping hand, a shoulder to rest for a while, embrace to overcome the each other's pain, ease with laughter and a extend a bit of company to one another. In short, empower one another.


Day 30 Napowrimo

Past those alleys buried in time

Past those frontiers caved from sight

Past those fences that align the periphery

Of the lost, discarded city one finds

Treasures buried – tiny treasures blind

To the naked eyes

A sapling in the crease of the dilapidated

Second-storey where they had hung lush green ferns

A random rose that buttons itself up from perilous grounds

Hum of the bees singing to the sunshine

As dust arising to touch the trees

The rustling of the banyan as it greets home

The children of tomorrow

The faded aroma of the spices that once was held

In flamboyant hues arranged on wooden palettes

All that leads to the middle mansion

Where dreams grow in bundles

Saturated and ebullient

Disbursed in tiny totems

Sprinkled across each street

Named after life’s spirited details

And passions, love and life itself

The horizon and the zenith merge at this point

Life moves seamlessly in all directions.

Napowrimo prompt:

Today’s prompt is based on a prompt written by Jacqueline Saphra, and featured in this group of prompts published back in 2015 by The Poetry Society of the U.K. This prompt challenges you to write a poem in the form of a series of directions describing how a person should get to a particular place. It could be a real place, like your local park, or an imaginary or unreal place, like “the bottom of your heart,” or “where missing socks go.” Fill your poem with sensory details, and make them as wild or intimate as you like.

And we have reached the final day of both A to Z challenge and Napowrimo. I can't believe that a month has gone by! Thanks to Maureen Thorson for the 30-day Napowrimo challenge. It's been quite a journey creating my fluid art and writing poetry. Thanks to everyone of you who visited and left behind an imprint of their visit and for the love and support through comments.

Do let me know your views on my poem. What do you gather from my art that you see here? Would love to hear from you. You can click on the AtoZChallenge/ Napowrimo tags to look at my earlier posts.

PS : This post is posted as part of BlogchatterA2Z 2021 challenge.
Poem posted as part of the 30 day poetry challenge for the month of April NaPoWriMo2021

ps: do check out my works on Instagram.


WendyK said...

Fabulous poem and painting. Take care, Wendy

Christine said...

Lovely zen art and poem.

Judy Dykstra-Brown said...

Congrats on being the featured poet, Wendy.

Selma said...

Hey, heartfelt congratulations. You rock! Your art is divine, soothing.
Today’s is perfect.
Zaftig motif to represent a relaxed state
Zingy stimulating & ebullient. Makes me feel complete —
Zestfully Zenned
And the poetry Ztupendous, indeed. Do not stop!
It has been lovely interacting with you. Have a zplendid and zestful day! I wish you miracles.

Graham Parker said...

I'm not sure which touched me the most, your final poem or the words explaining your mission, which I am going to borrow and link to other places.

I've thoroughly enjoyed your work this month, I hope the rest of your endeavours reach their goals too.

Manja Mexi said...

This is a lovely last featured poem, full of life. All well to you.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gloria D. Gonsalves said...

Well deserved, Deepa! Thank you for bringing life back to us.

Smitha said...

Congratulations Deepa! So well deserved. This is such a beautiful poem. You totally made me travel to that second storey where the sapling grew and the bees sang. It so reminded me of the dilapidated apartments in Mumbai.

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