Saturday, April 17, 2021

Day 15 - O (A to Z Challenge) and Day 17 - Unto You (Napowrimo)

Day 15 AtoZ Challenge

Art and affirmative alliteration for Day 15. All my art works of AtoZ challenge have been done in acrylic inks and coffee wash. Edited digitally.


Day 17 Napowrimo

you rose with a silver
crescent of a ring and a blood red hue
the other day—

was it anger or passion that you wore?
couldn’t decide for sure... of the poem has been removed to facilitate for future submission. Thank you for visiting.

Napowrimo prompt:

Our (optional) prompt. I’ve seen some fairly funny twitter conversations lately among poets who are coming to terms with the fact that they keep writing poems about the moon. For better or worse, the moon seems to exert a powerful hold on poets, as this large collection of moon-themed poems suggests. Today, I’d like to challenge you to stop fighting the moon. Lean in. Accept the moon. The moon just wants what’s best for you and your poems. So yes – write a poem that is about, or that involves, the moon.

This poem of mine was originally written in 2018 a couple of days after the Super Blue Blood moon. I am a Luna-lover and I have photos of the moon in my collection and I have attempted a couple of poems earlier as well. So this seemed a perfect chance to edit the 2018 one, polish and refine it a bit. I fine-tuned it after reading the prompt today.

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In case you are interested to see some nocturne paintings of mine, click HERE.

PS : This post is posted as part of BlogchatterA2Z 2021 challenge.
Poem posted as part of the 30 day poetry challenge for the month of April NaPoWriMo2021

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magiceye said...

Beautiful art and verse!

Smitha said...

I wrote on the blood red moon too. Our thoughts ran as tangents to the moon :). As you rightly said, the moon is a witness to it all. Beautiful!

grams ramblings said...

A beautiful "ode" to the moon. Well done. It's brilliant